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I make you sound your best

Sound, acoustics and most obviously, music have been my focus for more than 3 decades. I don’t know why, but while many loath the idea sitting down in front of a computer screen to edit for hours, I do not. Whether it’s cleaning up speech for a Podcast, mixing 50+ tracks to a Song, doing Voice Over work/editing for an Audiobook client, creating custom bumpers/stings, or producing and engineering a clients idea start to finish, I’ve done it all and would love to help you with whatever audio needs you have.

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Sound The Best That You Can


I enjoy the art of mixing music. There’s nothing like sitting down with a group of well recorded tracks and utilizing the musical landscape. I am a twice certified audio engineer from the school of The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. Twice because I enjoyed the process so much, I had to go back a second time! If you need your raw wav. files mixed so your band or project sounds its best, contact me and we can start the process that I take all my clients through. Prices vary based on the scope of the project and timeline.

Podcast/Audiobook Editing

Podcast shows have surpassed the five million mark and they are growing in numbers each and every day. The truth is, that out of that five million, only about 850K podcasts are active. Therein lies a huge opportunity for you and your podcast to shine. But, the #1 thing that will turn off a potential listener is bad audio quality and/or bad content. We don’t want our listeners to suffer, we want to leave them wanting to come back for more. Let me help you with making the best out of your audio recordings and work with you to find the best solutions. Contact me and let me know what your looking for and I’d love to start the conversation about how we can focus on making your podcast the best it can be. 

Private Coaching/Consulting

I get it, sometimes you just need that one on one direction. Someone to check your work and to guide you through the onslaught of information thats out there. I have helped thousands of students make sense of music theory and how to apply it in a non confusing and practical way. I like to start from the ground up and make sure every student has a firm grasp on the fundamentals. But, I will say that I DO NOT give you the answers. I make you think, a lot. My method of teaching is to guide you in the right direction and if you struggle, I will take another approach to get you to the lightbulb moment. If you are not willing to do the work, think for yourself, and accept that sometimes you have much to learn, then private sessions are not for you.

Most of my time is used for planning out material for the many students that follow my work. If you are interested in weekly private sessions, contact me for availability and pricing.

Music Production

From the ground up