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That feeling you get when you hear your song for the 1st time. Magic.

Aaron Sefchick Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Audio Engineer, Audio Editor

In 2004 I decided to make a change. I would jump into a new career that would change thousands of lives and fulfill my own passion. Music.

Teaching music has given me so many opportunities to help musicians grow throughout their journey. Whether that be in one of the thousands of private lessons I’ve conducted, one of the hundreds of rock bands I’ve coached, or any of the recording sessions I’ve produced/engineered/mixed. Helping a student succeed is one of the most rewarding experiences.  

Music doesn’t come naturally to everybody. I know it certainly didn’t for me. I have always strived to break it down so that everyone from a fresh musician of 7 yrs old all the way to a player who has dabbled for the past 40+ years can grasp the concepts of how music is made and how to go about the process. 

My goals are to inspire everyone around me through my passion of music, the lessons I learn along the way and the excitement that comes with making great music.  


From Ideas All The Way To Building Songs That You Can Be Proud Of

It starts on paper or maybe it’s something you hum and quickly record into your phone. How you turn that idea into a full production can be a confusing process. “Where do I start?”. “How do I know what to put next?” or “What comes first, the lyrics or the music?”. Or maybe you’re asking yourself, “How do I come up with fresh ideas?”

Join me as I take you deep into my process of writing songs from scratch and explain in full detail all the constructs of music. I’ve been a musician for 3 + decades and have professionally taught over 100 rock bands, privately taught over 1000 students, and have been the lead recording/mixing engineer for the past decade as my day job. 

You’re in good hands!

Chances are, if you’re starting out and you’ve got questions, I’ve helped out many others who have had the same questions that you do!  

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Nothing speaks to success like the students themselves!

It just make sense

Aaron’s approach to music is very thorough and well thought out. When I started out, I didn’t know the ins and outs of creating great songs. Now I’m able to start with an idea and use all the tools I’ve learned to create a well produced song. Thank you so much. 

My songs sound great

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Going through this course taught me how to critically listen to music and what goes into writing a well written tune. Although it does take a bit of work, I highly recommend taking this course if you don’t understand music theory or you want to take your basic songs to the next level. 

Just what I needed. A course that takes the ideas on my phone and helps me make sense of what works and what doesn't.

Music Production

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