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Quadradic Skyline Sound Diffuser Diffusor

Sound Diffusion

Some time ago, I came across a Tape Op article on DIY diffusors. I’m in. I love working with wood and there’s nothing like making your studio that much cooler, and oh yeah, there’s the added sound diffusion! Set out to do such a huge job has proven more than I estimated, I’m still working on it and it’s been years, yes, years. I might add that in that time I’ve been fathering two children so the process has been stifled a bit. The image you see above stands at 5′ 3″ tall and 16″ wide. Each panel has 576 blocks and there are 6 total panels to built. That’s 3,456 blocks total and yes, I cut them all. Check out my 1st video where I give you a small sample of the process of cutting the blocks, griding out the layout, and the long and tedious task of glueing each individual block. Join me as I try and finish this monstrous project. Much more to come…over time.

Soldering, guitar, point to point, flux, soldering iron


Cables tend to break, soldering joints loosen, input jacks break, and so on… part of being a musician includes doing some dirty work. On the plus side, it’ll save you tons of dough in the long run and it’ll give you more confidence on how the toys you are playing with work! No need to be afraid of a soldering iron and some flux. It just takes a steady hand and a little practice. Working with a plethora of used and abused instruments, there will never be a shortage of XLR/quarter inch cables, guitar/bass input jacks, and piano DC inputs to be fixed. Be on the look out for videos where I’ll jump in to some of the more common problems with instruments and cabling.  

Music Production

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