Fret Buzz The Podcast is a podcast for musicians focusing on how we musicians and professionals approach our craft, giving insight to help us all become more informed and better musicians. 
Check out the many conversations Fret Buzz The Podcast has had with varying professionals across the musical field as we talk about a wide variety of subjects including – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano & Synth, Recording, Editing/Mixing, Mastering (Chris Graham), Guitar Amplifiers, Building Acoustic Guitars (Marc Beneteau), Music Trademark & Copyright, Hosting FM Radio (Steve Black of  ChopShopRadio), Fingerstlye Guitar (Dustin Furlow, Don Ross, Matt Thomas) Classical Guitar… As well as conversations with artist from Candlebox (Brian Quinn), The Absence (Taylor Nordberg), Papadosio (Billy Brouse), Carbon Leaf (Barry Privett, Carter Gravett) and YouTube artists like Jens Larsen, Quist, Adam Rafferty, The Tone Mob with Blake Wyland, Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals, and many more.

Music Production

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